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I am not the typical trainer who has been fit and athletic all my life. I was very overweight, totally out of shape and hated my body for several years. But through lots of reading, self education  I started to get back on track leading a  healthier lifestyle. I was able to drop about 40lbs through exercising and watching what I ate. But, I felt that I could be fitter and stronger and I needed some help. I decided that I needed to hire a trainer to get me to the next level with my fitness. The experience with the trainer did not meet my expectations. I was very disapointed to say the least. I thought to myself that coupled with my journey in becoming fit and my many years in the customer service industry that I could be a trainer. A trainer that understands how many people feel about their bodies. I know what it feels like to avoid the reflection in mirrors, to wear loose fitting clothing and the heavy and weighed down feelings of being over weight. I have been there, I understand. I also know that there is another way of feeling and it is achievable. To feel healthy, alive and well! If I can do it I know you can too!

I work out of a gym at 

1477 Stayte Road, White Rock, V4B 4Z3

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You can phone me at 604 - 488 - 4715

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