Boring Workouts:Handstand

It is not surprising that working with a friend or partner is one of the best strategies in living an active life. Working out with someone keeps things fresh and interesting. It is no different than working with me. Every session will be different, it will be safe and progressive to ensure your body is being challenged. I promise you it will not be boring. We will work with different equipment and tools to keep you engaged and having fun at all times.

I promise you ..... My role in  your journey to improved health is to keep you focused on your goals, but I feel it is important to have fun to. If you enjoy your time in the gym and being active, you will more likely return. You will remain focused on your goals and you will set yourself up for success!

Regular excersice is not just for the young. As we age our bodies need to continue to move, bend and stretch to stay strong and healthy. More and more research has shown a strong correlation between active older adults and a better quality of life. I have a Third Age accreditation and have the pleasure of working with many older adults to improve their fitness and overall health. Older adults who exercise regularly notice improved flexibility, pain reduction and better range of motion in their joints. 

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