Time Effeciency:

Do you ever find yourself aimlessly wandering around the gym not knowing what to do? Watching other people workout to see what they are doing? Working with me will maximize the time you do have in the best way possible. During the consultation we will discuss your goals and roadblocks you have experienced in the past. We will map out a progressive plan to get you to that goal. I understand we all lead very demanding lives and excercise is generally the first thing to get cut from the schedule when time is tight. Having a goal, a plan and a focus is imparitive so you can avoid wasting your time. You will leave a session with me knowing your time was well spent and you are closer to attaining your goals and the body you want.

I want to see you succeed as I have in living a healthy lifestyle. I will coach, listen and help you attain your goals in any way I can. I know the road to a healthier lifestyle isn't an easy one but it is well worth the effort. And you are worth it!

P : (604) 488-4715  E : sarah@shoemakerfitness.ca

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