Sarah is my personal trainer for a few years now and I find her to be a great trainer! She makes every session challenging and interesting. She has helped me in achieving my fitness goals and helps me create new goals along the way. I even completed a 5k run without stopping! This was huge for me because when I first started with Sarah my cardio was non-existent. She keeps me motivated and pushes me to be my best. I recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer or who is just starting out to get into shape. She will custom design a program that works for your lifestyle and fitness level. She is awesome!em>


Sarah Shoemaker who worked with us from last April until our departure for Sun City. My wife and I both know that she is head and shoulders above anyone with whom we had previously worked. She sets the workout for what we need and can do, rather than starting with a "standard program". She is focused on fitness, rather than "strength" or "appearance". She prides herself on none of her clients injuring themselves because of her training regime.


I have been training with Sarah for two years now. Too say I am extremely satisfied with her professionalism and caring would be an understatement. She is very good on the days you really don't want to be at the gym, starting you off easy and before you know it your are back giving it your all. I have had 8 trainers in the last 14 years and Sarah is a keeper.


"The best thing I ever did for ME was find Sarah Shoemaker. In one year, she has transformed not only my body, but my mind, in a non-judgmental, practical approach. I am healthier and happier than I have been in 20 years, and proud of my body for the first time. Her success stems from her passion for her job and that easily transfers to her clients. Her skill as a personal trainer is unmatched in her ability to assess your unique condition, and fashion each individual workout so you see results quickly. I cannot recommend Sarah enough and look forward to my continued journey with her!"


"For years I worked out and belonged to fitness clubs and due to improper training techniques and inconsistent training habits, I finally succumbed to my injuries which put me out of my fitness regime for years. Each time I tried to get back in shape, I would reinsure myself and was unable to maintain my fitness routine. After some basic rehab, Sarah designed a program for me which gradually and safely got me back to working out on a regular basis without reoccurring injuries. I almost gave up being fit but thanks to Sarah I am working my way back to being fit with a safe program that works for me. Thank you Sarah!"


"It's wonderful to get a completely personalized workout outside the gym. Sarah is incredibly supportive and motivating without being intimidating or judgemental. She kicks our butts in gear for measurable results and stronger, healthier bodies."


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