Got Clean Air?

We are surrounded with chemicals 24/7. Some chemicals there is nothing we can do about and there are some we can. Ever walk down a hallway and the person before has left a trail of perfume stench for all to breath in? Ya, that really bugs me. I am one of those pain in the ass people that is to blame for the creation of "Fragrance free" places. Heavy perfumes and fragrances is a recipe for respiratory issues for me. So there are absolutely no harsh cleaning products, air fresheners, scented candles or fabric softeners in my house. But I am not upset in fact I am truly grateful because, really they are loaded with horrible chemicals including formaldehyde, ethanol, asbestos just to name a few. These chemicals can cause liver damage, respiratory, skin irritation and allergies. Instead I use essential oils from my friend, Gabriel, at Zed to Health to make everything smell awesome!

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