Get Your Run On

Spring is here and the weather is perfect for breaking up with the treadmill. Time to get your butt outside for a real run! A quick reminder for those seasoned runners and those new to this fantastic past time here is a great way to start.


DO:                                                                                        Don't:

Look straight ahead                                                          Head and eyes looking down

Shoulders relaxed                                                            Shoulders tight and near ears

Upright torso, abs tight                                                      Arms too tight to body or  swinging too far out

Hands held in with relaxed hands                                      Lean too far forward

Arms relaxed and swinging at sides                                  Clench your hands

Legs slightly bent and beneath body                                 Turn hips out

Foot landing between heel and mid foot                             Heel strike or landing on your heel



My most wonderful running partner and I after 2015 BMO Half Marathon!!







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