The 3 Year Old McDonalds Hamburger

It is the gift, from John Evans, that keeps on giving. The picture was taken last week and it is of a hamburger that was purchased January 18, 2013!!! The year now is 2016....Yes that hamburger is 3 years old!!! GROSSS!!!! I told John about a story of a guy putting a McDonalds hamburger in his pocket and  then forgot about it!! Only to discover nothing had happened to it. It did not rot or mould, nothing...just dried out. He bought me one as a gag gift and we give it back to each other every year at Christmas! It's my year this year. Darlene, John's wife is more than thrilled I have it back. We joke about it but, the reality of this joke is that McDonalds sells roughly 225 million burgers...these nonedible burgers, worldwide per year!!! It's not even food!! Wholesome food is suppose to rot, mould and go bad. So, next time you have a craving for Mickey D's....please reconsider and chose real food!!

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