How Good Do You Feel?

How are you feeling these days? We get asked that often throughout our day and usually the answer is good or fine out of politeness. But, I am asking for real, its more of a rhetorical question. Are you feeling your best? Have you given much focused thought on how your mind and body feels? We can always feel better, right? Take some time to think about how you can feel better. After a busy Christmas and New Year I always do a cleanse. That makes me feel SO much better inside and out. Too much indulgences over the holidays makes me feel sluggish and very congested. Are you run off your feet with a swamped schedule? Do you need to carve out a small piece of time for just yourself to be still and relaxed? Have you let your daily activity slide? Not eating as well as you could be? A small change on a daily basis can help with feeling better, and that's a good thing! 

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