Got Clean Air?

We are surrounded with chemicals 24/7. Some chemicals there is nothing we can do about and there are some we can. Ever walk down a hallway and the person before has left a trail of perfume stench for all to breath in? Ya, that really bugs me. I am one of those pain in the ass people that is to blame for the creation of "Fragrance free" places. Heavy perfumes and fragrances is a recipe for respiratory issues for me. So there are absolutely no harsh cleaning products, air fresheners, scented candles or fabric softeners in my house. But I am not upset in fact I am truly grateful because, really they are loaded with horrible chemicals including formaldehyde, ethanol, asbestos just to name a few. These chemicals can cause liver damage, respiratory, skin irritation and allergies. Instead I use essential oils from my friend, Gabriel, at Zed to Health to make everything smell awesome!

Never Too Old


This will be me in 40 plus years!! Exercising is not just for the young. Working out is for everyone at every age. I train several people over the age of 65 and I see the positive affects of regular exercise every day!  Getting your sweat on can help maintain flexibility and balance.  It helps control heart disease, weight gain and cholesterol.  It doesn't take much a brisk walk with friends both 2 legs and 4 or even a few workouts in the gym. If you are new to fitness I suggest getting some help from a professional!!

Exercise Your Way Out of the Cold Season



With all the rain and wind we have be getting it is clear that we are in  the throws of fall and we all know what that means...cold season is coming soon to a school, office and home near you!! UGH...not fun but it is possible to avoid getting sick! We all know to wash our hands, sneeze into our elbows and all that other good stuff but exercise plays a larger role in immunity than you may think!! A quick and dirty lesson the Lymphatic System.

The Lymphatic system is a complex system that is vital to our immune system. It is the secondary response to foreign cells and proteins. The lymphatic system will remove these nasty things by dumping them into our blood stream to be broken down and eliminated. This amazing system does so much for our bodies to keep us healthy, but it can become sluggish and backed up. That is when our bodies our more prone to fatigue, illness and  infections. Here is where exercise comes into play!! This great system doesn't have a pump like the heart and relies on MOVEMENT to keep everything running smoothly. One of the best ways to keep our immunity strong and our Lymphatic system running efficiently is to go for a walk, do some yoga poses like legs up the wall or some resistance training. It doesn't take much but not moving will put your immune system and overall health at risk.






My heart rejoiced when I saw this! The original quote was on the fridge door as I grew up. I can't tell you how much I hated it. The reason why I hated it was because it confused me and it created unnecessary shame around food. Shame that I still, as an adult, deal with. I was an active teen, I played every sport I could. That sign contradicted my instincts to fuel my body and the pressure to be skinny. There is nothing, let me repeat this NOTHING wrong with eating a healthy well balanced diet! It is necessary and important. Being skinny is not a goal to strive for being fit and strong is. If I could go back in time I would set that piece of paper on fire! 


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