A Quick, Healthy and Delicious Snack for the Road


Even the dog likes it!!!! Here is my quick recipe for a delicious shake. I use Morgina as my primary protein source because it is an awesome Superfood!!! Just a quick "Did you Know" about Moringa ... it has all 8 essential amino acids , is high in protein, is raw and has 7X the amount of Vitamin C than oranges among many other nutrients. I also use an Antioxidant berry blast from Organic Traditions in my smoothies.

I highly recommend my good friend at Zed to Health, Gabriel,  for any questions you may have about Moringa or any other supplements. He is brilliant  and he is the one to turn me on to the awesomeness that is Moringa!!! Thanks Gabriel!!!



In a blender

1 tsp Moringa from Organic Traditions

1 tsp Antioxidant Berry Blast  from Organic Traditions

1 cup mixed frozen berries

1 cup + more for desired consistency unsweetened Almond milk

1-4 drops of liquid stevia

Blend until smooth and enjoy!!!


What Type of Exercise is Best For Our Brains?

One of my clients sent me this article from the New York Times and it was a very interesting read! The article is about what type of training is best for our brains. They tested adult rats in 3 different modalities of fitness. One was distance running, one was the rats equivalent to weight training and the last was interval training. Of course there was a group of unfortunate mice that were the control and had no exercise. The finds were both very interesting and surprising!! Have a look! Thanks Gary!!!



A Better Way to Hard Boil Eggs


I don't know about you but sometimes my hard boiled eggs look that this and it makes me crazy!!! I have trolled the web looking for tips on the best way to hard boll eggs and tried them all. Except, steaming them!!! Yes its true and it works. I must give Kerry, one of my most fabulous clients, credit for this tip! Thank you Kerry!!!

Put a small amount of cold water in the bottom of a pot. You can use a metal steam basket, Kerry used his pasta pot and strainer.

Get the steam really going and then put your eggs in the basket and steam them for 13-14 mins depending on how hard you want your yolks.

Get an ice bath ready for your perfectly cooked eggs and leave them for 15 mins!


That is it! The shell wont stick and take half your egg with it!!!





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