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My heart rejoiced when I saw this! The original quote was on the fridge door as I grew up. I can't tell you how much I hated it. The reason why I hated it was because it confused me and it created unnecessary shame around food. Shame that I still, as an adult, deal with. I was an active teen, I played every sport I could. That sign contradicted my instincts to fuel my body and the pressure to be skinny. There is nothing, let me repeat this NOTHING wrong with eating a healthy well balanced diet! It is necessary and important. Being skinny is not a goal to strive for being fit and strong is. If I could go back in time I would set that piece of paper on fire! 

How Foods Affect Arthritis

Many of my personal training clients suffer from the debilitating inflammatory disease of arthritis.  This horrible disease can cause redness, soreness, painful and stiff joints.  Inflammation left untreated can cause damage to joints, disability and organ damage. I have seen first hand how inflammation impacts day to day life. I have suffered with  asthma my entire life,  it is not joint related but it is still an inflammatory condition. My grandfather had Rheumatoid Arthritis in his hands and watching his pain was both heartbreaking and frustrating.

What we chose to eat will contribute to,  or minimize the amount of inflammation in our bodies. The less inflammatory foods we eat will help to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis. I am the first to admit to indulging in the odd unhealthy meal of sugar, salt and bad white foods!!! It is definitely not my normally eating habits. If you suffer from one of the over 100 conditions of arthritis, like myself,  I implore you to eliminate or at the very least limit these foods.

White Sugar - we all know why this needs to be avoided!! Use maple syrup, honey or stevia instead

Common cooking oils like vegetable oil - the imbalance of Omega 3 and 6 is the issue with cooking oil. Too high Omega 6 causes inflammation in our bodies. Best to use organic olive oil, butter or coconut oil

Trans Fat - Nothing good comes from trans fats!!! Avoid fast foods that are deep fried or commercially made baked goods

Dairy - Yes I know...but it is SOOO delicious!! True,  but highly inflammatory and very indigestible.

Meat and processed Meat products - There are molecules in meat that after ingestion our bodies produce an immune response that is related to  low grade chronic inflammation.

Refined grains - These are grains that are stripped  of its nutritional value and fiber making them rank high on the glycemic index.

Artificial Foods - This includes artificial sweeteners and additives such as MSG.


 These are foods to be avoided regardless of having arthritis. A diet high in whole foods with a variety of fruits and vegetables is really the best way of keeping inflammation in control and our bodies as healthy as possible.


Wall Ball Tips

One of the skills I want to improve on is the great wall ball. When I see Karen on the board I know I am about to be in a world of hurt!! But, becoming more efficient at them can help complete 150 of these guys without losing your mind!! Here are a few good tips on becoming a wall ball machine!

1.Make sure your forearms are parallel with the wall in front of you and you are catching the ball at the upper part of your chest/lower face area. This eliminates unnecessary flexion and extension at the elbow.

2. Keep the ball close to your chest. As the ball comes off the wall get your hands back in front of your chest, start lowering into your decent when the ball is around your head height.

3. As you absorb the ball quickly explode extending all 3 joints. The hip, knee and ankle

4. The standard for the wall ball is a full squat, which means the top of the hip has to be below the top of the  plane of the knee joint. Work on it if you don't have the depth. Nothing irritates me more than shallow depth wall balls. Wall balls are hard, I know, but if you need to rest in order to perform the movement properly please rest!!

A great testimonial


One of my dear clients had to move back home to Ontario but before she left she wrote me a wonderful recommendation! Here it is!! Thank you Bashia! Thank you for all of our very early morning workouts and freezing cold runs! It was a pleasure to work with you. You are so much more to me than a client you are family!!!


Sarah is an amazing personal fitness trainer who has made a real difference in my life!  Thanks to Sarah, I feel confident about my body flexibility and strength again, an especially big challenge  after menopause. Sarah trained me over 300 sessions, over a two year period, from my home with a good mix of indoor/outdoor cross-fitness. Consistently during  that time,  I met all of my fitness goals and then some. From tackling the Grind in my first few months, to running 5K regularly,  with customized strength training several times a week, losing weight and  eating healthy, Sarah literally transformed me.  She  is hugely knowledgeable in what she does and very inspiring.  White Rock/South Surrey is very fortunate to have her. Were it not for my move to Ontario, I'd still be with Sarah. Thanks so much Sarah!



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