Mornings are tough! So little time and SO much to do! Sometimes my mornings are like a wicked game of beat the clock! If you aren't prepared your morning chaos will set the tone for your day. Who wants a chaotic day, really? To keep my morning chaos free, I pre measure my morning green juice (recipe coming soon ) and my breakfast Sunday nights. I prefer to do overnight oats when I am at work because I can eat them anywhere and I don't have to worry about heating or cooking. They are super easy to transport and will keep me full until I need lunch.

Basic recipe

1/3cup rolled oats

2Tbsp each of chia, hemp seed, unsweetened coconut, nut of your choice

Handful of berries frozen or fresh

cinnamon to taste

3-4 drops Stevia

1/3-1/2c unsweetened non dairy milk of your choice

Mix everything up the night before and let sit overnight! Feel free to add different fruits and nuts to make different combinations





For the Love of Running

So many people tell me how much they hate to run. For me this is crazy! I love to run with Titan, our aging Weimaraner , he can't go as far as he once did but he is always game for a quick rip in the forest. But, there was once a time where running for me was a struggle. As a kid,  I wasn't able to be active because of my chronic respiratory disease. I was always told I couldn't do it. After hearing this all my life I got tired of living with so many restrictions and started to do what I wanted.  I always wanted to be a good runner, I am still working on that! There are many benefits to running and I encourage everyone to add it into an active lifestyle. We all need a balance of activities including resistance work, running or walking,  yoga and mobility work for a healthy body. Here are a few tips to get started on your running journey

1. Start small. Walk 5 mins run 1 min for 30 mins. As you become fitter and your body adapts slowly decrease the time walking and increase the time running and then increase your overall duration.

2. Go outside! Its better to run outside for your body and your mind just be safe

3. Listen to good music if you can

4. Find a friend

5. Find a local small race to debut your new skills.

6. Join a run clinic or local running group

7. Have the right gear. That means shoes, socks etc.

Meal Prep

Are you still inspired to eat well and workout? I recently wrote about investing in yourself by eating well and maintain your workouts. I also suggested to plan your meals and workouts. Sounds simple right? Yes, absolutely it sounds simple but it is in the execution that things go, lets say a bit squirrely! Meal prep is huge! There have been numerous times where I have flown through the door totally starved and ready to eat the first thing I see. This is were things go squirrely for me and I suspect you to. I have found that if I take some time before my crazy week begins and prep my week I am less likely to eat a whole bag of Popchips leaning over the sink. Here are a few tips on that are tried and true.

1. Automatic eating: this is when every meal and snack except dinner is the same everyday. This takes the guessing out of what to eat and becomes automatic. I eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and most of my snacks. Dinner is usually a combination of fish and lots of vegetables.

2. Make a list: Figure out all the groceries that are needed for the week and go just once. Don't waste your time with multiple trips to the grocery store. Lets be as efficient as possible with our time.

3. Cook once eat a few times: This is all about efficiency, so if you are going to cook one meal throw in the ingredients for your next dinner and make enough for leftovers. Roasted vegetables is always good to have, I always have hard boiled eggs on hand and usually a healthy grain like quinoa or brown rice.

4. Prep all that you can at the beginning of your week. Smoothie ingredients can be portioned out and frozen, oatmeal measured out and kept in containers, pre-wash and cut veggies

I don't want to bog you down with too much. Give these few tips a try, they are the ones I do every week and if I don't I get into serious trouble!


Want Results be Consistent

We are 5 days into 2016! How many people have given up on the enthusiastic goals, resolutions or promises made a few days ago? As a personal trainer, I have the pleasure of working with so many different people. With all sorts of personality traits, insecurities and issues. Despite all these differences and all the years I have been working with people on trying to improve on themselves, me included. I have just one "I know this to be absolutely, 100%  true" piece of knowledge. And, that is if you consistently do the same thing over and over you will not change. This goes for positive and healthy behaviour as well as unhealthy behaviour.  Consistency is key. If you aren't consistent you wont change, simple as that. I have found that I have the best success with people who consistently do the work both in the gym and in the kitchen. Even what seems like the most mundane change have that greatest impact over a longer period of time. I strongly suggest that if those resolutions, goals or focuses have been abandoned to re-evaluate them and see if they can't be simplified and consistently executed. If it works for The Rock.. just sayin'.

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