A Better New Years Resolutions List

I hope your Christmas was filled with family, friends, laughter and indulgences! But, the start of a  New Year is fast approaching and its time to get real. Time to get back to a more balanced life. I ask all of my clients this time of year if they make resolutions and I can confidently say not one does. What!? Ya, I know this is crazy! I am  goal setter always have been always will be. I enjoy writing down a few things I want to accomplish and at the end of the year see how far I have come. I definitely do not accomplish all that I set out to do but that is not the point. Here is the list I use for this time of the year. Its different way of looking at resolutions, they are fun and will help you explore new things you have always wanted to try. Have a happy and safe New Years Eve!!!


1. A habit you want to break

2. A new skill you want to learn

3. A person you want to be more like

4. A place you want to visit

5. A book you want to read

6.A letter to write

7. A new food to try

8. Going to be better at

Have a Mantra, Will Run

This my running partner and I after last year's Vancouver BMO marathon. That was the first year I had a running buddy to do the race with and it was her first ever half. We spent a lot of time together that spring! I usually run on my own but having someone on those long runs to help keep my legs going was a blessing indeed. When I am running solo,  I need all the help I can get to distract my brain and stop it from focussing on how uncomfortable I am. I came across a great article from some very experienced runners on how they get on going.


Change. A Good Quote

I came across a great quote and wanted to share it with you.


"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine"

      John C. Maxwell

Its Still Alive

This McDonalds hamburger was my most interesting gift I received a few years ago! WHAT!!! Yes let me explain. Way back in 2012 I came across a YouTube video of a guy who bought 2 hamburgers from McDonalds. He ate one and put the other in his coat pocket only to forget about it for several weeks. When he discovered that it did not rot or mould he began an experiment to document his hamburger's journey.  I mentioned this video to John, one of my clients who frequented McDonalds,  only to be laughed and told how it couldn't be real. For Christmas that year I received the hamburger in the photo. As a joke John and I give the original burger to each other for Christmas. Last year was my turn its his turn to keep it. The burger has not changed much in the last several years. It has dried out considerably but there is no mould or rot to be found. This is very scary! What is in those burgers that prevents it from rotting? The burger has not been refrigerated since it was bought and by all rights should be a pile of slimy moush!! That's some food for thought!!!

The original hamburger 2 months old!


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