The Early Bird Gets a Workout

"How do you get up so early?" I get asked that often! Most of my clients and classes have been in the wee hours of the morning. My Monday through Friday wake up call is 5am and I am at the gym before 6am. Getting your workout in before your day starts is smart and I highly recommend it! But, getting up and going is another story! Here are a few tips to get up and out of the house heading for the gym

- Set a bedtime and stick to it. Part of the reason why it is so hard to wake up early is a lack of sleep. I can't stress how important sleep is for good health and well being.  Try to aim for minimum of 7 hours, more is better! Setting a time for bed will ensure you are getting enough rest for your morning workout.

- Set out your workout clothes and prep breakfast. Streamline your morning as much as possible. This may take some time the day before but if all of your gear is organized and race ready this will make getting out the door much faster.

- Visualize your morning the night before. I know this sounds weird but hear me out! Thinking about the details of your morning, waking up with your alarm, getting dressed and getting your sweat on will help prep your mind for what it to come.

- Grin and bear it. Take a cue from Nike! Just Do It!! Sometimes getting up sucks but once you are up and finished your workout it will all seem worth it, I promise!


Got Almonds?


Before all food and drink breaks loose for the holiday season.  I decided that both Darcy and I needed to do a cleanse. Just to start out the marathon of eating and drinking feeling good. I chose the Wild Rose cleanse because it is truly how we should be eating most of the time and it is a gentle cleanse. I will write more on the cleanse soon, I promise! What I do want to share is how to make your own almond butter. The cleanse allows almond butter and was a great mid day snack with some apple or rice cakes. The cost of a tiny jar is insane! Here's how to do it at home.



You will need:

- a food processor or high powered blender

- a cookie sheet

- almonds

-  a neutral oil, I use almond oil

Roast your almonds in the oven until fragrant. Allow to cool but not cold. Throw about 1-1 1/2cups in your blender or food processor add in about 1/4c and blend away!! store in an airtight jar and store in the fridge.

Need to purchase organic almonds? Go see my friend Gabriel,  at Zed to Health in White Rock.

Zed To Health

I believe that we should be getting the majority of our nutrients from the food we eat. But, sometimes that's not always possible with our hectic schedules and our perpetual "To Do Lists". Knowing about every supplement is not realistic either. But, its not WHAT you know its WHO you know! Having someone who is passionate and knowledable is important. I have such a person. Gabriel! His store, Zed to Health is in White Rock and has all that you would need. He sells organic seeds and nuts as well as Mushrooms and a ton of vitamins. He has a promo on a combo Pre and Post workout supplements. The supplements contain all natural ingredients and do not have those nasty stimulants like some other Pre/Post workout supplements. Go check his shop out! You wont be disappointed. His promo is on the front page of his website!!


P : (604) 488-4715  E : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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