Get Your Run On

Spring is here and the weather is perfect for breaking up with the treadmill. Time to get your butt outside for a real run! A quick reminder for those seasoned runners and those new to this fantastic past time here is a great way to start.


DO:                                                                                        Don't:

Look straight ahead                                                          Head and eyes looking down

Shoulders relaxed                                                            Shoulders tight and near ears

Upright torso, abs tight                                                      Arms too tight to body or  swinging too far out

Hands held in with relaxed hands                                      Lean too far forward

Arms relaxed and swinging at sides                                  Clench your hands

Legs slightly bent and beneath body                                 Turn hips out

Foot landing between heel and mid foot                             Heel strike or landing on your heel



My most wonderful running partner and I after 2015 BMO Half Marathon!!







Yes I Have A Sweet Tooth

I have always had a sweet tooth. But, instead of fighting it,  I have come to terms that it will always be this way! I place full responsibility on my Grandmother. As far as she was concerned, all of life's problems could be solved over a pot of tea and a plate of cookies. But all that fat, sugar and flour is really bad for me. So the trick is to a) not go over board on the sweets and b) find ways to trick our taste buds into eating wholesome foods disguised as sweets. I came across a recipe that looked good.  I started to try it but then as usual I went off and did my own thing. This is a really easy and quick raw brownie that is packed with whole foods. It is vegan and free of refined sugar, dairy, wheat and added fat.

The recipe was inspired by: Minimalist Baker

For the brownie

1c nut of your choice walnuts and pecans work well

1c pumpkin seeds, raw

2/3c cocoa or raw cacao

2/3c dried fruit of your choice I used cranberries

2 tbsp. hemp seeds

1 tsp salt

30 plump dates. If your dates are on the dry side I soak mine in liquid for a few minutes until they soften up. Coffee works really good!


1/2c vegan chocolate chips or regular ones if that's what you have on hand

1 tbsp. coconut oil

Let's Make this!!

1. Grease a 9x9 pan (or whatever size you have) with some coconut oil

2. In a food processor pulse the nuts and seeds for the brownie until you have a fine crumb

3. Add in everything EXCEPT the dates and combined

4. Now its time to add in the dates and give 'er! You will get this great crumbly sticky mixture

5. Dump into prepped pan and press down, pop into the freezer for a few minutes

While your brownies are in the freezer

melt chocolate chips and coconut oil

Once the brownie is firm spread the chocolate mixture and smooth over

The goodies on top

I am a big fan of use what you have on hand rather than following the rules and this brownie recipe is great for this. On top of the chocolate,  spread whatever nut, seed, chip, dried fruit you have or want to add. I added cranberries, hemp, chia, walnuts and a few vegan chocolate chips! Be creative there are no rules!! Chill for another 20 ish minutes then let's eat!!






State of Mind


I really love this quote. I am honoured to meet and work with so many different people. I have worked with many who have just begun their fitness journey and work the pants off of the fitter, thinner athlete who has been in the gym for years. It is not about what our bodies look like. But, rather how hard we work and our attitude about  putting the work in and doing our best.




Happy 1st Day of Summer!!

YAY!! We made it to summer!  I thought it would be appropriate to mark this occasion with a few words. I asked myself what do you want to say?? My train of thought went something like this.

What do you want to say?

Something helpful don't forget to wear sunscreen and a hat, stay hydrated go outdoors to get your fitness..type thing?? 

NO!! We already know this and no one will read that or care

What about outdoor work outs???

MEH that's ok but not spectacular.

Ok picture me head in hands assuming the deep thought position!! I ask myself what is it about summer that I love? Always one answer comes up. Summer has an easiness about it. Little need for a coat, we can get away with sandals, meals are made with fresh local ingredients, days are longer, and more time is spent outdoors which makes everyone happier.

I truly love this quote above because we all know those people who wear their "busy-ness" as a badge of honour and sit in judgement of those of us who value time decompressing and enjoying life at a slower pace. I remind you to stop the glorification of busy, to enjoy the easiness summer offers us and time with family and friends.

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