Why Being Outdoors is Important

I often discuss with people similar to my age about our childhoods. The conversation almost always comes around to .."did your Mom kick you out of the house and tell you to go play outside.  And to come back when the street lights come on or you hear me call you."? Yeah!! We would both say smiling. Its not like that any more. That makes me a bit sad. I have a deep connection and appreciation for the outdoors, even in the winter when its cold and rainy.

I came across a great article and it links being outdoors with mental health. The Canadian Mental Health Association describe mental and physical health as “fundamentally linked”. further saying that key aspects of prevention of poor mental health include “increasing physical activity, access to nutritious foods … and fostering social inclusion and social support.” Is a coping mechanism for mental heath not on a prescription pad but in the woods, the beaches and the parks? I know for me it is. Get outside to clear your head and move your body!! The full article is below. Thanks guys all the best in your world lets be kinder and more loving to everyone!



The 3 Year Old McDonalds Hamburger

It is the gift, from John Evans, that keeps on giving. The picture was taken last week and it is of a hamburger that was purchased January 18, 2013!!! The year now is 2016....Yes that hamburger is 3 years old!!! GROSSS!!!! I told John about a story of a guy putting a McDonalds hamburger in his pocket and  then forgot about it!! Only to discover nothing had happened to it. It did not rot or mould, nothing...just dried out. He bought me one as a gag gift and we give it back to each other every year at Christmas! It's my year this year. Darlene, John's wife is more than thrilled I have it back. We joke about it but, the reality of this joke is that McDonalds sells roughly 225 million burgers...these nonedible burgers, worldwide per year!!! It's not even food!! Wholesome food is suppose to rot, mould and go bad. So, next time you have a craving for Mickey D's....please reconsider and chose real food!!

Happy 2017!!!


How's the first week of 2017 treating you? And how is the list of bad habits you want to break and weight you want to shed coming along? Most people have abandoned the lists and leave going to the gym by mid February. Then there are the people that don't see making resolutions important. I revel in the New Year. I love the fresh start it provides us. The chance to start again more intelligently, as Henry Ford once said. I am a list writer. So, it goes without saying that sitting down to write out how I want to improve in the next 365 days is something I do enjoy. But, I do not write arbitrary lists of how I am not good enough or how I have failed. I set an intention for the year. Then a very doable list of things I want to accomplish. Here is my Resolution List that I do every with much success. I try to make it as fun as possible.

Set an intention for the year

Then think about these:

1. A habit to break

2. A new skill to learn

3. A place to visit

4.A new book to read

5. A letter to write

6. A new food to try

7. Going to be better at

This is a WAY better version of the typical New Years Resolution list.

How Good Do You Feel?

How are you feeling these days? We get asked that often throughout our day and usually the answer is good or fine out of politeness. But, I am asking for real, its more of a rhetorical question. Are you feeling your best? Have you given much focused thought on how your mind and body feels? We can always feel better, right? Take some time to think about how you can feel better. After a busy Christmas and New Year I always do a cleanse. That makes me feel SO much better inside and out. Too much indulgences over the holidays makes me feel sluggish and very congested. Are you run off your feet with a swamped schedule? Do you need to carve out a small piece of time for just yourself to be still and relaxed? Have you let your daily activity slide? Not eating as well as you could be? A small change on a daily basis can help with feeling better, and that's a good thing! 

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