My Version of "Fat Amy"

This workout found me one day last week when I foolishly put off my workout until the afternoon. Scrolling through the various sites and procrastinating doing my workout. I saw this and said this is it I will do it!! This workout was inspired by one called Fat Amy, I am not a fan of it but it is a good workout. It took me 20 ish minutes and no equipment.

For Time

50 Air Squats

10 Burpees

40 Sit ups

10 Burpees

30 Alternating reverse lunges

10 Burpees

20 Side lunges

20 Burpees

20 Side lunge

10 Burpees

30 Alternating reverse lunge

10 Burpees

40 sit ups

10 Burpees

50 Air squats

Good luck!!! :)




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