20 Reps

 Do all exercises for 20 reps in order with little to no rest in between.
1. Push Ups
2. Single arm rows with band/weights
3. Plank 30sec-60secs
4. 1 minute of cardio (football drill, running on the spot, jumping jacks, side shuffles etc)
Rest for 1-2 mins and repeat above 1-2 times

Treadmill Cardio Workout

0-5 mins warm Up RPE 3-4

5-10 mins Gradual climb increase resistance every minute RPE 4-7

10-14 mins Recovery RPE 4-5

14-26 mins Alternate 1 min with sprints with 1 min with an easy pace RPE 7-8 sprints 4-5 Easy

26-30 mins Recovery RPE 4-5

30-31 mins Climb RPE 5-6

31-31.30 mins Sprint uphill RPE 7-9

31.30-32 mins Recover RPE 4-5

32-42mins repeat above

42-45mins Recover RPE 4-5

This is my favourite way to train inside on a machine. This can be adapted to any cardio machine just increase the resistance or level on the piece of equipment. RPE is short for rate of perceived excretion, it is a scale that you use to gage your intensity or how hard you are working. RPE 1= sitting on the couch RPE= 5 working but not too hard RPE = 10 working at almost maximum. Have fun!!

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