Couplets!! WOD

I had to come up with a workout for a client and a friend that required limited amount of space, equipment and challenged both at different fitness levels. This is what we came up with!


3 Rounds of each exercise

45 seconds per exercise - Complete as many reps as possible in 45s

1. Pull Ups + Burpees

2. Weight lunge + Thursters

3. T2B + D.L

4. Push Ups + K/B swings

5. Push Press + Goblet Squats



Effiecency Tips for a Smoother Row

During a workout it is important to perform the movement patterns with as much efficiency as's really a no brainer! I know halfway through a workout some things can start to break down but rowing shouldn't. I came across a great video of a CrossFit competitor going over the basics of how to row efficiently. If it works for Jason Khalipa I think it will work for us to!

Working on Glute medius Strength

One of my goals this year is to improve my Toes to Bar. I have been doing more pulling and hanging than normal and my shoulder is needing some time off. I decided to work on another area of the body where most of us lack that does not involve my shoulder joint. The mighty glute medius!!! The muscle that is in charge of moving the leg away from the midline,  when walking or running the glute med will help keep the pelvis from dropping as well as rotation. This muscle doesn't always get the love since most of our movements are in a forward motion,  not so much side to side. So here is a nice little workout to show the glute medius some love.

30 Min AMRAP

16 side to side lunge - AHAP

16 plank with opposite knee to elbow

8/ side side plank with knee to elbow

10 Glute Med squat- use a theraband above the knee when doing the squat - push the knees out when in the down postion

20 med ball seated torso twists

400m sprint





WOD: Double Strength


Double Strength!!!

5 Rounds

Alternate between:

6 per side bottom up lunges AHAP ( As Heavy As Possible)

Max effort push ups


20 min AMRAP

16 weighted side lunges

16 slow mountain climbers

8 Burpee Kettlebell swing

16 Bent over row

16 weighted torso twists



Darren says its not too bad





10 Reps of each and 4 Rounds

!. Reverse Lunge with bicep curl

2. Warrior 3 with extension

3. Jump Squat

4. Forward Lunge with torso twist

5. V-sit

6. 800M Run

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